Monday, October 19, 2009

Vocabulary Poster Review Project Links

Here are some nifty websites I've discovered that might help you with your vocabulary posters:

Shahi - A visual dictionary that searches Flickr, Yahoo, & Google for images

Visuwords - A graphical dictionary that shows how words and their meanings are linked together

Brainyflix - A website with words and videos of common SAT words. Great fun!

Wordle - Create a cool word cloud from your blog or any piece of writing

FreeRice - Addictive SAT word quiz website. Get correct answers and win rice for people in need.

Flocabulary - SAT words put to hip-hop


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. Just wanted to share another link that can help : english flashcards
Kevin Flo

mike mundy said...

I am delighted with this list of resources. I really enjoy finding materials on the web that enhance my classroom and this list is excellent. You are to be commended!

TTDaVeTT said...

Hi, another great resource is It is half flash card, half dictionary, and full awesome!